Workshops begin with a TED talk about the neuroscience behind yoga, followed by an all-levels yoga class. You will learn which types of movements, breath, and meditation are the most effective in relieving your symptoms, which will empower you to live a healthier life.

Do you want to do everything you can to thrive despite your neurological symptoms? Let’s take a holistic approach to your health… optimize your sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management, and also use the best that modern medicine has to offer.  I have sifted through the ancient yogic traditions with the eyes of  Stanford trained neurologist so that I can show you what really works. I’m also a trained yoga therapist with over twenty years of experience in yoga. I offer workshops, private consultations, and retreats to help you live with vitality.

Move past symptoms that are preventing you from living the life you were meant to lead.  Join me for a Holistic Neurology consultation. We begin with a traditional neurology evaluation, and order any labs or MRIs you may need.  Then we transition to a focus on your nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management. We co-create workable solutions using cutting-edge neuroscience and ancient yogic traditions, to optimize your health… so you can get back to what matters most.



How Can I Sleep Better Tonight?

Set an alarm on your phone for bedtime. Yep- for bedtime!  Choose a time that is 8 ½ hours before you need to wake up the next day.  That will give you half an hour to unwind (ie, turn off electronics, take a bath, or read) before you fall asleep, and then allow time for...


Want to come home from vacation feeling turbo-charged? Join me for a healthy week of daily yoga, TED talks about brain health, plenty of vacation time for you and your family. My next retreat will be in summer 2020…details coming soon!

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