I offer individual consultations that begin with a neurological evaluation and treatment recommendations, followed by a yoga prescription and mindfulness enhancement strategies. For example, for a patient with a history of a traumatic brain injury, I review prior MRI’s and current symptoms, and then I usually recommend medications.  Next, we co-create a therapeutic yoga sequence that includes movement, breath work, and guided meditation.


Join me for a transformative fusion of traditional neurologic care with healing tools from the yogic tradition.  Move past the symptoms that are preventing you from living the life you were meant to lead. Together, we will weave healing practices and treatments into your daily life, giving you fresh vitality to catapult you on your journey.  

We begin with a traditional neurological consultation, and schedule any testing or treatments that would benefit you.  Then, we transition to a focus on you….the whole you, not just your medical condition. We dig deep. We evaluate your sleep, your diet, your Ayurvedic dosha, and your mental health, just to name a few. You can schedule a single consultation, or a package of four. 

Yoga-based Holistic Therapy

Here is where we add the power to your ability to heal…we will explore treatments that work synergistically with traditional neurology.  For example, certain types of breathing activate your body’s ability to fight infections and repair tissue. Since there are no medications that can do that, we will use those breath techniques to turn on your immune system.  We will begin by developing a short, daily yoga sequence to target your primary symptoms. Each week, we will explore a new symptoms, as well as treatments. A typical Intensive would include:

Week One: Neurology consultation

Week Two:  Develop individualized yoga therapy daily practice

Week three: Sleep evaluation

Week Four: Ayurvedic dosha assessment and lifestyle recommendations

Week Five: Exercise assessment

Week Six: Self-care repertoire

Week Seven: Diet monitoring

Week Eight: Pranayama training

Week Nine:  Psychological evaluation for ADD, depression, anxiety

Week Ten: Meditation training

Week Eleven: Deepening of yoga therapy practice

Week Twelve: Journaling

These sessions will also be individualized to your particular needs.  If you prefer not to explore a particular tool, that’s completely okay.  If you would rather double up on a topic, that’s okay too. This is about you.  About equipping you with the tools you need to thrive.  

Traditional Neurologic Care

This segment of your Intensive will begin with a thorough assessment of your neurological condition.  It is billed through your insurance. This program is specifically designed to treat five major categories of neurological conditions:

  • Neck and back pain.  We will generally begin with an MRI scan, unless that test has already been done.  Once we know exactly what is causing your pain, then we can determine the most effective therapy.  Treatment may include prescription medications, injections, or surgical consultation in situations where there is a risk of permanent nerve damage.
  • Migraine and related headaches. We will take an extensive history to determine the cause of your headaches, and schedule an MRI scan of the brain as needed. We will review prior treatments, and your response to those therapies. We can use either prescription medications, supplements, or both, to move your brain chemistry back where it belongs.
  • Concussion.  Many patients feel prolonged effects from concussion, including dizziness, trouble concentrating, mood swings, and headaches.  We will treat these symptoms with targeted medications, which are often taken only on an as-needed basis.
  • Multiple sclerosis. Patients who have previously been diagnosed with MS have the option to continue their medical treatment with their current neurologist, or to switch to me for the duration of the Intensive.  I can also work with your current neurologist, and discuss treatment options from a holistic perspective. We focus on treating symptoms such as fatigue or brain fog, pain, bladder or sexual symptoms, and leg tightness or spasticity.
  • Parkinson’s disease.  We begin with a review of current and previous medications, and optimize the current medication strategy. We will also customize a yoga sequence that focuses on balance and flexibility, because those systems are impacted by PD. Finally, we blend mindfulness into your treatment.

Ready to really do this?

Your investment in the program is $250 for a single consultation, or $900 for a package of four.  Consultations can be done remotely by Facetime or Skype. You can use HSA or FLEX funds as well. If you would like to explore the program further, click below to apply.


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