“What Else Can I Do?”

“What Else Can I Do?”

I hear that question all the time…generally when I’ve just explained the medications and injections that we typically use for patients with back or neck pain. And I love that question, I really do!  It tells me that this patient is willing to do their part to improve their health. They don’t want to just passively receive a pill…they want to take action, they want to learn new skills to manage their condition, they want to thrive.


Unfortunately, it’s a long answer!  Scientific studies give us straightforward, tidily packaged answers.  For example, what medications help for lower back pain? Easy. It’s been studied over and over.  NSAIDs and muscle relaxants. However, when we get outside the box that science is good at, the answer is much more individualized.  Does yoga help for back pain? Yeessssss……but there are so many variations in how yoga is taught, and also in each patient’s diagnosis, that it’s not possible to make blanket statements about what helps.  You can’t just google “yoga for back pain” and expect to get a few poses that help you!


That’s why I created a Spine Health Workshop.  It is my answer to the question, “What Else Can I Do?” I designed this workshop for people who have chronic back or neck pain, but are able to do some basic movement.  We start by reviewing the most important scientific findings in this field, and then we put it into action with movement that is a fusion of yoga, physical therapy, and massage. The class size is small enough that I can individualize the movements that are likely to be most helpful for each patient. My intention is to empower patients with effective tools for managing their pain. The next workshop is on Saturday, March 9 at Mountain View Pain Center’s downtown office at 789 Sherman Street, Suite 315, Denver.  It’s from 1-3. To register, go to www.neuroscienceyoga.com. Investment is $75.  


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